Honors Admissions


Honors Studies Program AA - 7020
Admission Criteria

This program is a selective and competitive admission program with specific admission criteria. Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to the Honors Studies Program.

Minimum Criteria to Apply:
New Students
Placement scores at the college level in reading and writing
Placement score at MATH 020 or higher

Current and Returning Students
Completion of all required developmental reading and writing courses
Completion of MATH 010 or higher or placement into MATH 020 or higher
Earned cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher after completion of six or more credits of college-level coursework

Students must submit an essay (750 and 1000 words) or video (three to five minutes) responding to the following prompt:

How can education help students become global citizens of the future?

Students also will be required to have an interview with the Honors Studies Program Director.
The essay or video must be submitted before interviewing with the Director.

Application Deadline and Class Selection Date:

Honors Studies students should meet with or speak to the Honors Studies Program Director to develop an educational plan.

Director - Heather Burns, (717)801-3229; hlburns@hacc.edu
Assistant Director – Judith Ungar, (717)780-1152; jaungar@hacc.edu

Students in the Honors Studies Program must complete all Honors classes with a grade of B or higher and maintain an overall 3.25 GPA in order to remain in the program. Those whose grades fall below 3.25 may reapply when the cumulative GPA rises to 3.25 or higher.

Students desiring to graduate with an Honors Studies degree must complete the required Honors course work and six credits of 200-level transfer electives (can be non-Honors courses). The Honors Foundation Seminar must be taken during the first year of enrollment and the Capstone Seminar must be taken during the last semester of the program.

The remaining 30-credits encompassing the Associate Degree, including a 1-credit Wellness course, will be in the General Education and/or field/discipline-related subject area of the student’s choice. Honors Studies students are strongly encouraged to select their field/discipline concentration courses in consultation with the Honors Studies Program Director to ensure courses are applied to the appropriate transfer or other degree requirements. Honors Studies transfer students are strongly encouraged to narrow their transfer options, or choose their transfer institution, as soon as possible.

Students must have completed all of the developmental reading and writing courses required as a result of the College Testing and Placement Program in order to be permitted to register for an Honors-designated course.

Students in majors other than Honors Studies may enroll into Honors courses if Honors course pre-requisites are met. Non-Honors Studies Program students taking Honors-level courses must maintain 3.00 GPA or higher in all Honors courses in order to remain eligible for continued enrollment into future Honors courses.