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Honors Information for Faculty


We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic faculty with exceptional teaching skills, the ability to provide intellectual leadership, close student mentoring and support for the mission and outcomes of the Honors Studies Program.

The Honors Studies Program is a laboratory within which faculty are encouraged to experiment with new curriculum and pedagogies. Such initiatives in curriculum and pedagogy can potentially serve as prototypes for initiatives in curriculum throughout the college.

Extracurricular Opportunities for Honors Faculty include:

  • Attend Honors Studies Field trips and other events
  • Establish study abroad and domestic study trips
  • Serve on Honors Committee
  • Establish service learning opportunities

What is an Honors Course?

The philosophy and goals of the Honors Studies Program provide the background from which to develop Honors courses. Honors courses should not be designed to generate more work for students, but rather to engage these students in academic inquiry. Therefore, Honors Studies courses should address several of the following criteria:

  • Honors courses should be created to meet the selected Honors Studies Program learning outcomes.
  • Students will experience not only the usual content of the course, but be challenged to develop in-depth understanding of the course's subject matter.
  • Students will study and evaluate primary source materials rather than relying solely on discipline textbooks.
  • Students will participate in activities that encourage them to become independent thinkers and risk takers.
  • Students will study and interpret aspects of the course and/or discipline such historical development, cultural applications, and theoretical or philosophical disputes.
  • Learning activities will include collaborative learning, field experience, debates, documented projects, interviews, and presentations.
  • Student evaluations should be based on standards and methods designed to encourage creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and risk-taking rather than simply imposing more assignments and tests.
  • Student evaluations should be based on standards and methods that require demonstrated competency and mastery of the course objectives rather than an accumulation of points, percentages, and grades.
  • To assess student learning Honors Courses must utilize the D2L e-Portfolio system.

If you are interested in teaching an Honors course, please contact Heather Burns at or by phone at 717-718-0328, ext. 3529.

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