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Early College Academy

What is Early College Academy (ECA)?

Early College Academy is a new program offered by Harrisburg Area Community College's Gettysburg Campus and the following high schools:

Selected students will take two courses during the spring semester (6 credits) at HACC and receive credit at their high school. As a regular part of their experience, students will also build skills in academic, career and life skills areas.


What classes are offered? What are they like?

Students may choose courses in English, Communication, Math, Biology, Philosophy, Theatre, and others depending on availability. Course contents and syllabus are identical to "regular" HACC courses and ECA students will be in classrooms with other HACC students.


How will I know what to take?

Students will be advised by an advisor at HACC with consultation with a high school counselor. Students may be required to complete a placement assessment if it is required as a course pre-requisite.


What are the advantages to participating in Early College Academy?

Students will experience college life during their senior year to better prepare them for higher education. They'll also gain an "academic jump-start" to their first year of college. HACC's award-winning, student-centered faculty, the resources of a first-rate college campus, student life, academic support and enrichment activities will create a senior year they'll never forget. ECA combines the best of both worlds - a unique college experience combined with the traditional "touchstones" of their senior year - homecoming, prom, friends, all without leaving high school.


Some of the benefits of HACC's Early College Academy:

Campus Resources

  • Career Services

  • Learning Center

  • Free tutoring

  • Learning Commons

  • Advising & Counseling

  • IT services and technology

  • Office of Disability Services

  • Library

  • Access to services at any of HACC's five campuses in Central Pennsylvania

Academic Support

  • Explore differences between high school and college
  • Experience different learning styles
  • Academic resources
  • Online learning
  • Test preparation
  • Active learning




College Transition

  • Student services

  • Diversity on campus

  • Experience student life, clubs and organizations

  • Prepare for higher education

  • Understand financial aid




What are the requirements in order to be enrolled?

  • Students must be seniors (ready for college-level work).
  • Students must be recommended by their high school administration


Are there required documents I must complete to register at HACC?

Yes, the following documents must be submitted in order to complete your enrollment in ECA at HACC:


Are SATs required? Is there a minimum GPA required?

SATs and ACTs are not required. There is no "minimum" high school GPA requirement, however, your high school grades are taken into consideration.


When are the classes held? When are ECA students on campus?

ECA students will take classes mid-January through mid-May, Monday through Friday, 1:15 p.m. - 2:40 p.m. (Students in their second semester of ECA may follow a slightly different schedule). ECA students will take classes alongside other HACC students. ECA Students are considered HACC students and are welcome to use campus facilities and participate in all college activities and services. HACC is conveniently located just down Old Harrisburg Road – now walking distance on the N. Gettysburg Trail!


What are the college faculty like?

HACC faculty generally have a master's degree or higher in the discipline in order to teach the course. Students find HACC faculty to be enthusiastic, engaging, caring, and often demanding in the classroom. Each faculty member holds regular office hours and is available if a student has a question or needs assistance.


How much does it cost? Are there payment options?

Students pay HACC's prevailing tuition rates (currently $240 per credit). The cost of the textbooks and/or additional course fees (i.e. lab fees) are not included. HACC expects to be able to offer a nominal tuition subsidy to students with financial need. Plus, HACC's tuition is affordable, already the lowest in Central Pennsylvania. Payment options include credit card, check or the convenient HACC Payment Plan (HPP).


I'm ready to enroll. What's my next step?

For more information, contact Kristin Carr, Coordinator for the Office of College Pathways at (717) 801-3255 or via e-mail at


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