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2050 Philosophy: Transfer Associate

The Philosophy AA Degree transfer program allows students the opportunity to explore various systems of beliefs and values to help them enlarge their own sphere of beliefs and values.  Students are able to develop habits of critical thinking, precise writing, and close reading through an investigation of the major branches of philosophical inquiry. This Program covers the history of philosophy and culture, ethics and value theory, logic and the philosophy of science, theories about the nature of reality, and the foundations of knowledge.  In addition, this program provides the core courses specifically required to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program with a major in Philosophy while simultaneously satisfying some of the transfer requirements needed for a Religious Studies or interdisciplinary humanities major or minor.  Since the requirements of senior institutions may vary, it is essential to choose a target transfer school as soon as possible and  then carefully follow the program described in that school’s catalog. The complete program is available at the Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York campuses, as well as through Virtual Learning.  Some of the required courses are available at the Lebanon Campus.

Graduates acquire a basic foundation in philosophy suitable for transferring into a four-year baccalaureate institution. In addition, a major in philosophy provides a solid foundation for students planning careers in medicine, law, the clergy, education, and business. Philosophy majors also succeed in executive or management positions in business, non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions where the ability to assimilate information rapidly and produce effective solutions to persistent and challenging societal problems is essential.

This curriculum is designed to prepare students to:

  • Transfer into four-year colleges and universities to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy
  • Sharpen communication, writing, and research skills needed for framing hypotheses, analyzing a variety of qualitative and quantitative data, and for putting complex problems into manageable forms
  • Exemplify effective decision-making and leadership skills by examining philosophies of both Western and Eastern cultures and cultivating a sensitivity to other world views
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