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Grading System

Midterm and final grades are available to students on-line through HACC's secure site called HACCWeb. Students access HACCWeb from the homepage of HACC's website, Midterm grades are issued in the Fall and Spring terms for courses meeting 13 or more weeks. Midterm grades are not issued during the Summer terms. Final grades are available online at the conclusion of each term.

The following grading system is used:

Letter Grade Grade Definition Points
Per Credit
A Superior 4.00
B Good 3.00
C Average 2.00
D Passing 1.00
YD Work in Progress, Converted to a D 1.00
F Failure 0.00
IF Incomplete Work, Not Completed 0.00
YF Work in Progress, Not Repeated 0.00
W Withdrawal 0.00
I Incomplete 0.00
Y Work in Progress 0.00
S Audit (no credit) 0.00
CR/DR/FR Academic Renewal 0.00

The W (withdrawal) grade should not be construed as prejudicial to a student';s record, although excessive use of the W may jeopardize academic standing and financial aid or veterans' benefits. (Refer to the definition of Satisfactory Academic Progress.) Following are guidelines (based on AP 667):

  • During the tuition refund period, no grade is to be recorded if a student withdraws.
  • The W (withdrawal) grade will be granted by the instructor upon request of the student from the end of the refund period until the midpoint of the course as defined in the College calendar. The student must be attending class in a manner consistent with the instructor's attendance policy, have completed the required graded material, and have not been dishonest in completing the work in order to be eligible for the W grade. From the midpoint of the course through the conclusion of the course, which is the last class period, the student will receive a grade of W or F, depending upon the instructor's assessment of the student's performance, which may take into account extenuating circumstances. Students must be aware of their instructors' policies concerning withdrawal. Some instructors will require withdrawal (with a W or F) after excessive absence; other instructors will allow withdrawal only upon request of the student.
  • An I grade may be awarded by the approving faculty member to students, who, because of extenuating circumstances, request additional time beyond the term to complete the course work.  The course work must be completed within eight weeks of the ensuing Fall or Spring term.  On the recommendation of the instructor and subject to the Division administrator's approval, the eight-week period may be extended.  An incomplete grade is computed as an F in the student's cumulative grade point average when not completed within the allotted period.
  • The Y (work in progress) grade is restricted to 0-level courses, unless otherwise approved by an academic Division and the VP of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Services. The Y is assigned only after consultation with the student, who agrees to the following conditions: The Y grade may be granted when, in the judgment of the instructor, the student has shown sufficient progress but needs more time to complete the course objectives. The student will be given the option of accepting the D or F grade. At the time the grade is agreed upon, the student must complete the Y grade form provided by the instructor. The student must re-enroll in the course no later than the next regular term in which the course is offered. The student may not receive a Y grade twice in the same course. If a student is already registered for the next term, the student must sign a Drop/Add Form to re-enroll in the course for which a Y grade is given. If the student has not completed the course by the end of the next regular term in which the course is offered, the Y grade will be counted as an F grade in computing the student's cumulative grade point average.
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