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Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and are responsible for the timely completion of all required class work. Instructors will present an outline of class work and an attendance policy on the first day of class. (Students who miss the first day of class are responsible for requesting this information). Students who never attend and who do not officially withdraw are responsible for fifty percent of the tuition charges.

An instructor's attendance policy must be approved by a college administrator and maybe developed with consideration of factors such as the following: some courses require the presence and participation of the student in order to meet course objectives; some programs are accredited by agencies that mandate specific attendance requirements; some examinations and class projects are difficult or impossible to reschedule for an individual student.

Students should be careful to observe the attendance policies of their instructors since these policies may affect either grades or continued status in the class. In the case of absence from the first two class hours of a term, a student may be withdrawn and allowed to enter the class only if space is available.

The college is sometimes required to make attendance reports to outside agencies concerning students who are receiving veterans' benefits, social security payments, and various other federal, state and financial aid.

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