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Student Grievances

Provides internal procedures for the handling of student grievances concerning decisions (non-academic), rules, or regulations, or actions of a College employee not covered under Appeal of Academic Decisions (AP 663), or Harassment (AP 875); The Student Grievance procedures (AP 591) will be published in the Student Handbook.


In order to insure speedy resolution of a grievance, the time limits prescribed herein shall be strictly adhered to unless a waiver is granted by the Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO) or Chief Branch Campus Administrator (CBCA).

Informal Resolution

Within ten (10) days of the occurrence of the circumstance(s) causing the grievance, the student shall, if possible, contact the source of the grievance to attempt resolution of the problem; Otherwise, the College Ombudsperson (Administrative Procedure 121) shall be contacted in an effort to obtain an informal resolution to the problem.

Decision of CSAO/CBCA

  • If results of the informal approach are not satisfactory, the student shall initiate a formal appeal by submitting a written statement of the grievance, specifying pertinent dates, names, circumstances, and the remedy requested to the CSAO/CBCA; The written grievance must be filed no later than fifteen (15) College working days after the occurrence of the circumstances leading to the grievance.
  • The CSAO/CBCA shall investigate the complaint and schedule a meeting with the concerned parties no later than ten (10) days after the receipt of the written grievance; The student may be accompanied by the original contact person and/or the College Ombudsperson at this meeting; The CSAO/CBCA shall issue a written decision on this grievance that shall be mailed to the student by registered mail, return receipt, within ten (10) days of the meeting; The other concerned parties shall also be informed of the decision.

Student Grievance Committee

If any party involved in the actual grievance chooses to appeal the decision of the CSAO/CBCA alleging that the decision was unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious, unfair, or prejudicial, the appeal shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Student Grievance Committee (SGC) no later than ten (10) days following the receipt of the CSAO's/CBCA's decision; The appeal shall state the circumstance(s) of the grievance, the remedy requested, and the documents detailing previous action resulting from the grievance process to date.

  • The Student Grievance Committee shall consist of two (2) administrators appointed by the President, three (3) faculty appointed by Faculty Council, and two (2) students appointed by the SGA; All members shall be appointed for one-year terms; The Chair of the SGC shall be >elected by the SGC members and will be responsible for communicating the rules of order to all parties and documenting proceedings; Any member of this committee, who has a potential conflict of interest, as determined by any party involved in the grievance, shall be replaced only for the duration of the appeal; The member shall be replaced by the appropriate organizational body.
  • The CSAO/CBCA shall forward to the SGC all data accumulated from his/her investigation; Records of the proceeding will be retained in the CSAO's/CBCA's office for a minimum of 2 years.
  • A hearing shall be scheduled by the Chair of the SGC and held no later than fourteen (14) days after receiving the written appeal.
  • Any party involved in the appeal may bring witnesses and/or counsel to the appeal hearing; The role of the student's legal counsel is limited to advising the student; Any person who becomes disruptive shall be removed from the hearing at the discretion of the Chair of the SGC.
  • After hearing all available evidence, the SGC shall make a decision to either sustain or overturn the CSAO's/CBCA's decision; In order to overturn the CSAO's/CBCA's decision, a two-thirds majority is necessary; A written decision shall be sent to all parties including the CSAO/CBCA who shall then take appropriate action to carry out the decision of the SGC.
  • The SGC ends the internal appeal process.

Confidentiality of information is to be maintained at all stages with only those College officials having a right and reason to know being advised and/or consulted about an appeal.

Tape recordings or verbatim records may be maintained only upon agreement of all parties concerned.

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