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What is an ombudsperson?

An ombudsperson is an impartial, neutral and confidential dispute resolver who strives to see that faculty, staff and students at the college are treated fairly and equitably. The ombudsperson does not take sides, but considers the rights and interests of all parties, with the goal of achieving fair outcomes.

What services does an ombudsperson provide?

An ombudsperson may:

  • Hear and discuss your concerns regarding academic or workplace problems.
  • Open avenues of communication and gather information.
  • Provide information about college policies and refer you to other college services and programs.
  • Mediate and seek an informal resolution before the issue progresses to formal proceedings. (Ombudspersons may not mediate in matters involving allegations of harassment, discrimination, or the appeal of academic decisions. In such cases, the ombudsperson may provide information and access to the appropriate procedures.)

Who can use the services of the ombudsperson and how confidential are they?

Any faculty, student or staff members may seek the advice of the ombudsperson. The ombudspersons will not identify you or your confidences without your permission except where required by law. The ombudspersons are authorized to talk to all persons at the college in order to resolve problems. Ombudspersons and any information they have gathered cannot be called as a witness or used as evidence in any formal college proceedings.

How can I get in touch with an ombudsperson?

HACC's ombudspersons are:

Name Position Campus Room Contact
Leslie Boon Director, Academic Success Gettysburg 208B 717-337-3855, ext. 3021
Dr. Carole Dorsh Associate Professor of Biology York Y108C 717-718-0328, ext. 3524
Marcia Waters Specialist, Admissions Recruitment Lancaster RM216, 717-358-2997
Jerry Fernandes Assistant Professor of Speech Lancaster RE316 717-358-2839
Brenda Eppley Professor of Theatre Harrisburg A121 717-780-2521
Margie MacDonald Campus Director, Academic Success Harrisburg W132 717-780-2456
Ben Greiner Security Officer Lebanon D103 717-270-6305

You may contact any of the ombudspersons regardless of your campus location or your status of student, staff, or faculty.

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