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Appeal of Academic Decisions

Grounds for an Appeal:

• A practice/policy at variance with accepted College practice/policy.
• Computer/calculation error.
• Inconsistent application of grading standards within an instructor's sections of the same course.
• Capricious or arbitrary application of standards concerning grading, curriculum, or placement status.
• Allegation of academic dishonesty not supported by evidence

Steps of the Process:

1. The student must contact the person (in person, by phone, or e-mail) to discuss the issue in question, stating the grounds for the appeal and presenting evidence to support the grounds. This must be completed within 30 days of the academic decision. This step should not be skipped unless the student is unable to contact the person. In this case, the student may start at Step Two.
2. If a resolution is not achieved, the student may contact the appropriate academic dean on the campus from which the appeal originated to discuss the concern and file a formal appeal. This must occur within 10 days of the completion of Step One. In summer sessions, Step Two may take up to 20 days. This step may not be skipped.
3. If the administrator finds that there are grounds for the pursuit of the appeal and the student wishes the appeal to move forward, the student shall send a signed, written request to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). The written request must describe the grounds for the appeal and include any pertinent evidence. The CAO will convene a college-wide joint committee to review the case and make the final decision. This is the final step of this process.

These procedures are detailed in Administrative Procedure 663 (pdf), Appeal of Academic Decisions, available online and from any administrative office.

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