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Nanofabrication Technology


 Nanofabrication Technology


At first, it sounds like a kid’s chant, but that’s deceiving. Nano systems are the places young people go every day as they use iPods, iPads, laptops and cell phones capable of taking pictures, sending text messages and browsing the Internet. 

This is where the action is, and HACC is part of that action.  Enter the advanced world of the tiny that HACC offers through its Nanofabrication Technology program.  This is where the nanometer – defined as a 0.000000001 of a meter – reigns.  Challenges in learning about nanotechnology are complex because they center on manipulating atoms. 

The prospects for the expanding field are so exciting that private industry, educational institutions and government agencies are collaborating to discover uses that ultimately could help to solve worldwide problems such as hunger and global warming.

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