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Victor Hugo (Les Miserables) once said, “where the telescope ends, the microscope begins, which of the two have the grander view?” If you said the microscope, then you are in the right place. The microscope is a major tool of the life scientist as we study life at its most basic level, the cell.

The Biology Department at all of the regional campuses of HACC affords the student many opportunities to study the great diversity of life on this planet at many different levels. We have two major courses of study, the Biology track and the Biology Education track. The Biology major will allow you to develop a great foundation in the study of life which can then be continued at a transfer institution where a tremendous number of career pursuits are possible. The Biology Education major has the same foundation with the ultimate goal being the teaching of biology. No matter which track you choose, we have twenty-three full-time Biologists and many adjunct biologists ready, willing and able to show you the wonderful world of Biology…come join us!

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