HACC's Strategic Plan

Vision Statement
HACC will be the first choice for a quality and accessible higher education opportunity.

Mission Statement
Creating opportunities and transforming lives to shape the future - TOGETHER.

Historically, the art and science of strategic planning has been and continues to be a valued resource for the HACC community. The plan serves as the guide to fulfill the College’s mission and vision outlining comprehensive goals which target internal and external opportunities and challenges. The plan, which also serves to assess HACC’s strengths and limitations, is designed by an empowered, inclusive committee with input, review, and approval from senior leadership, the HACC community and the board of trustees.

Congratulations to the 2008-2011 Strategic Plan Committee and the entire College for the successful roll out and implementation of this plan. The College was fortunate to experience robust enrollments and numerous economic opportunities leading to a strategic plan that reflected the healthy environment and included measurable and attainable goals for the institution. Building on this success, work began on the 2012-2015.

Thank you to the current Strategic Planning Committee for its diverse and committed leadership team and for their deep organizational knowledge and diligence on design and content. Three areas of the College have been designated as “mission critical” in the current Strategic Plan to propel the College forward:

1) Teaching and Learning Excellence
2) Organizational Excellence
3) Operational Excellence

These areas will drive and truly highlight the College's need to adapt to changing enrollment trends, embrace changing student demographics, and address emerging economic and political conditions. We look forward to working together as a college to successfully meet our current Strategic Plan goals and welcome everyone’s contributions.