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Drug and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention

In accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, HACC College Policies 591 and 895 and the HACC Student Code of Conduct, all HACC campuses and HACC-owned or controlled properties are considered “drug free.” The sale, manufacture, distribution and unlawful use or possession of controlled substances as defined under commonwealth and federal law is prohibited. The HACC Public Safety Department will report law violations to and fully cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of drug law violations. HACC College Policies 591 and 895 also generally prohibit the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on all campuses. The possession of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 is illegal. It is also illegal to provide, sell or furnish alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. The HACC Public Safety Department will report law violations to and fully cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of liquor law violations.

HACC may, at its discretion under AP 374, host or allow sponsored invitation-only events where alcohol is served under strictly controlled conditions. These events will be conducted in compliance with state and federal liquor laws. No one under 21 years of age will be served alcoholic beverages under any circumstance. College officials or designees are authorized to request identification for age verification purposes.

College sanctions for violations of this policy will result in appropriate discipline, including warning, probation, suspension or dismissal as outlined in AP 592. Violators may also be subjected to applicable legal sanctions, which may include fines and imprisonment. The findings of the college disciplinary review and any disciplinary penalties imposed are separate from and independent of the rulings of the criminal court system and any penalties the courts may impose on the offender.


HACC AP 382 provides guidelines for HACC’s Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Prevention Program, which is administered by the department of environmental health and safety. This program is designed to educate students and other members of the college community on the health risks of alcohol and other drugs and provide information about the availability of alcohol and drug counseling, treatment and rehabilitation programs. This program is also designed to provide information regarding the legal sanctions under local, state and federal laws for the possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol and the disciplinary sanctions the College may impose for violations of the drug and alcohol policies. The AOD program is made available on an annual basis.

On-Campus Resources

Professional counseling services are available free-of-charge on an individual basis to all HACC students. The professional counseling staff offers counseling and educational services with a strong emphasis on prevention. After initial crisis-oriented counseling, the staff refers, if necessary, to service agencies in the community. Counseling hours at each campus are available by calling the campus counseling office.

Campus contacts are:

  • Gettysburg : 717-337-3855, ext. 113533
  • Harrisburg /Midtown : 717-780-2498
  • Lancaster:717-358-2988
  • Lebanon: 717-270-4222
  • York Campus : 717-718-3208, ext. 513513

The student life staff at each campus periodically schedules presentations and informational sessions by outside drug and alcohol abuse prevention organizations. These presentations may be stand-alone events or included as part of another campus event. For more information on attending these events, contact the campus student life office.

HACC’s Employee Assistance Program is provided by Mazzitti & Sullivan.HACC employees and their dependents are eligible to use this program. The EAP provides assistance for drug and alcohol abuse and other personal issues. Employees seeking assistance through the EAP should contact their campus human resources representative or directly call Mazzitti & Sullivan at 800-543-5080.

Off-Campus and Community Resources

There are many community resources available locally to each campus. Members of the college community wishing to take advantage of these services may contact their local prevention agency or request assistance from their campus counseling staff in contacting these agencies as listed.

White Deer Run Crisis Call Center (Statewide)


Dauphin County Executive Commission on Drugs and Alcohol

1100 S. Cameron St.

Harrisburg, PA 17104


Cumberland / Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission

16 W. High St. Suite 302

Carlisle, PA 17013

866-240-6300 (Toll Free)


Lebanon County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

220 East Lehman St.

Lebanon, PA 17046

717-274-3363(Crisis and Emergency)

717-274-0427 (General Contact)

Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission

150 N. Queen St.

Lancaster, PA 17608


York / Adams Drug andAlcohol Program

100 W. Market St.

York, PA 17401


National HotlinesNational Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center


National Cocaine Hotline


National Parents’ Resource InstituteFor Drug Education (PRIDE)


National Secret Witness Hotline to Report Drug Activity


National Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Information Hotline


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