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Spotlight on Institutional Effectiveness


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Board of Trustees

  • Trustees participated in a generative, qualitative assessment of this past year’s body of work, studying it in light of their bylaws and Middle States Characteristics of Excellence.
    [Details of Board of Trustees Assessment Record (pdf)]
Academic Affairs
  • After much research, document review, inventory-taking, and outreach, the Academic Affairs Division has undergone a major reorganization designed to provide streamlined and improved leadership for both established and emerging curricula.
    [Details of Reorganization Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • In the last two years, 12 academic transfer programs have been comprehensively reviewed, revised and approved through governance. They each have met all standards required to meet Pennsylvania state-wide transfer requirements. These programs are: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, PreK-4 Education, Psychology, Art, Criminal Justice, Environmental Science, Social Work, and Theater.
    [Details of Transfer Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • In an effort to keep costs manageable, the nursing program assessed the costs of its program and compared itself to costs of similar programs at other institutions. Their findings informed curricular reorganization, a revision of the course fee structure, and a decision to develop a long-term budget strategy.
    [Details of Nursing Assessment Record (pdf)]
Student Affairs
  • In alignment with the HACC Strategic Plan Goal I:  Teaching and Learning Excellence and Goal III:  Operational Excellence, all campuses undertook an examination of issues related to class fill rates and class cancellation/scheduling practices.
    [Details of Fill Rate Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Exemplifying the College’s commitment to its students and their academic success, findings from Fall 2012’s Student Satisfaction Survey led to a decision to conduct student focus groups this spring to learn more about what students expect and need related to course availability. [Details of Student Affairs Assessment Record (pdf)]
Finance and College Resources
  • A study of building-specific utility meter data and reports informed budgetary priorities that resulted in the purchase and installation of improved HVAC systems yielding substantive reductions in utility expenses.
    [Details of Finance Utility Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Facilities: A comprehensive standards-based assessment conducted by APPA (a professional association recognizing leadership and excellence in educational facilities) resulted in HACC being recognized as one of only three institutions nation-wide to receive an award for excellence in 2012.
    [Details of Facilities Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • An auditor’s report pointed to the need to better manage student financial aid “bad debt.” This led to the decision to implement a multiple disbursement process for financial aid.
    [Details of Finance Internal Audit Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Careful analysis of contracts, lease obligations, and real estate opportunities informed the decision to maintain current arrangements for HACC’s culinary program rather than proceed to authorize new construction or relocation.
    [Details of Finance Real Estate Assessment Record (pdf)]
College Advancement
  • The College Development department conducted focus groups on several campuses and distributed a survey in an effort to learn more about and better engage HACC’s alumni.
    [Details of Alumni Assessment Record (pdf)]
  • The Office of College Development has developed local standards resulting in metrics that can be used to better train/orient staff and evaluate fundraising performance.
    [Details of College Development Assessment Record (pdf)]
Information Technology Services
  • Informed by the findings of focus groups and document review, a College-wide ITS governance structure has been proposed, approved, presented college-wide, and will be operational beginning Fall 2013.
    [Details of ITS Shared Governance Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Based upon the findings of two external audit reports, the ITS department was reorganized to improve operational effectiveness, provide necessary expertise, and improve customer service.
    [Details of Reorganization Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Informed both by internal and external audits involving interviews, focus groups, and document review, a new Help-Desk Coordinator has been appointed, a ticketing priority-system developed, and service-level guidelines articulated detailing priority actions and response timelines.
    [ Details of Help Desk Assessment (pdf)]
Human Resources
  • A current practices inventory has been conducted which is assisting Human Resources staff with articulating and prioritizing critical data sources necessary for effective operations and more efficient customer service.
    [Details of  Current Practices Inventory Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Surveys, historical benchmarks, department records, focus groups, and 1-1 interviews have guided the redevelopment and improved scheduling practices of HACC’s new employee orientation.
    [Details of Training Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Benchmarking HACC’s benefits programs against other similar employers not only positions the institution to competitively attract and retain talented employees but is also slated save HACC $3 - $5 million over the course of a multiple-year contract.
    [Details of Wellness Benefits Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • A workflow analysis and document review uncovered ways in which a new custom Banner report could be utilized to streamline and expedite adjunct payments.
    [Details of Electronic Personnel Action Form  Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • An external consultant audit has helped the Security and Safety Department strengthen its practices, improve campus lighting, and standardize firearm policies and practices.
    [Details of Security Assessment Record (pdf)]
HACC Campuses
  • Harrisburg and Lancaster Campuses: A study of the effectiveness of the campus welcome centers resulted in changes in practice involving increased staffing, training, and utilization of new phone and queuing systems to better manage demand and to gather better metrics.
    [Details of Harrisburg Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • York Campus: Taking advantage of area economic impact studies, PA demographics reports, WIB data, the York County Economic Alliance, advisory committees, and input from all stakeholder groups, the York Campus is now able to document its priorities for master planning.
    [Details of York Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Gettysburg Campus: A rubric based upon best practices and the findings coming out of a pilot project are guiding the Gettysburg Campus in strategically maximizing outreach to area high schools and improving enrollment into their Early College Academy program.
    [Details of Gettysburg Early College Academy Assessment Record (pdf)]
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