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Spotlight on General Education

Assessment of General Education Outcomes
  • In Fall 2011, the first General Education and Core assessment pilot was developed to establish a baseline for student work across the ten core competencies. The results were used to revamp the General Education Assessment into an outcome-based approach conducted and managed by the College Wide Assessment Committee.
    [Details of Board of General Education Core Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • Two Information Literacy assessments were conducted based on the Information Literacy Outcome; one assessing research assignments in a selection of classes and one assessing library instruction sessions. Results of the first assessment will be shared with the professors who shared their samples, so professors and librarians can work together to emphasize citation in future library sessions. Librarians are comparing strategies, as well as brainstorming new strategies for helping students to identify the name of the publication in a database article record. Assessment findings have been shared with English 101 faculty.
    [Details of Information Literacy Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • For the General Education outcome of oral communication, over 1100 student speeches were recorded, and then 136 speeches were randomly selected for evaluation. Faculty used the NCA (National Communication Association) rubric with slight modifications to help measure one additional course learning outcome related to technology use. HACC students are meeting baseline standards for public speaking competence in all areas, based on criteria used with the NCA rubric. Because it was learned that instructor assignments are not all aligned with current learning outcomes, consistency in measuring content was deemed questionable. Involved faculty determined to 1) develop a required assignment with specific parameters to more closely align every course instruction with learning outcomes, 2) slightly modify the NCA rubric to more closely align with our assessment of course outcome needs, and 3) simplify the recording process for instructors and students, requiring all students and instructors to participate. This assessment experience will be used as a baseline for assessing oral communications across curriculum and not just in communication classes.
    [Details of Oral Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • A college-wide assessment based on the General Education Outcome of Written Communication was conducted by the College-Wide Assessment Committee (CWAC). First year Cohorts were identified and initial classes taken were identified as areas where samples could be pulled (ENGL 101, HUM201, PSYC 101, SOCI 201). Random samples were then taken from those classes and assessed based on a common rubric. The General Education subcommittee of CWAC thus assessed the cohort as demonstrating a limited amount of proficiency to full proficiency in each category. The samples scored highest in Ideas/Engagement with Topic, and lowest in Thesis/Focus. Results and recommendations have been forwarded to Faculty Senate, including a recommendation to improve faculty participation.
    [Details of CWAC Writing Spring 2013 Assessment Record (pdf)]

  • The English Department has been assessing written communication in their 101 and 102 classes for several years. Ongoing assessments provide focused outcomes that serve as the backbone for General Education Written Communication Assessment. Results have been used to set baselines for General Education and improve the assessment process including improved rubrics and enhanced methods of sampling. The significant improvements seen in the past 4 years demonstrate the commitment to improving HACC’s writing curriculum. When considered in combination with the Written Communication Assessment conducted in Spring 2013 (above), there is a clear trajectory of improvement in student learning outcomes. In addition, the collaboration with the Libraries in conducting workshops and embedding librarians in classes has resulted in an improvement in source use and citations.
    [Details of English Spring 2011 Assessment Record (pdf)]
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