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Shared Governance Information

Shared Governance at HACC is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust that:

  • Promotes an environment of accountability, civility, collaboration, collegiality and professionalism, sustainability and interdependence among constituent groups
  • Frames and advances the short- and long-term plans in support of the College’s mission, vision and strategic plan
  • Focuses the College’s efforts and discussions on student success and academic excellence
  • Provides counsel, direction and perspective to the College community in a timely manner about educational and operational opportunities, challenges, policies and procedures that impact the direction and effectiveness of the College
  • Promotes and values transparent and effective communication in decision making

In August, 2012, the Shared Governance Task Force was created, co-chaired by the President and Pam Watkins, and reported the following recommendations in July, 2013:

  • Define a new shared governance process that identifies and gives voice to stakeholders and ensures collaboration in process of developing college policy proposals and administrative procedures.
  • Establish a Shared Governance Committee, chaired by the Chief of Staff, which implements the recommendations made by the Task Force and is responsible for facilitating Shared Governance, and managing and assessing the Shared Governance process.
  • Replace the current Administrative Procedure (AP) system with a system that uses Shared Governance Policies (SGP) and an easily accessed and searchable College Handbook.
  • Establish a task force to identify and recommend the content of the new College Handbook and oversee the initial publication.
  • Update and revise Board of Trustees’ college policies.
  • Establish an assessment plan for the SGP/handbook system.
  • Complete the transition to the SGP/handbook system by May 2014.

In August, 2013, the newly constituted Shared Governance Committee began its work of implementing the recommendations made by the Task Force.

Below are links to the documents that were created and approved by the Shared Governance Task Force, including the Shared Governance Policy Submission Form which is used to propose that the Shared Governance Committee create, amend, consolidate, or discontinue a college administrative procedure or policy.

View the PowerPoint presentation for the Shared Governance open forum held April 29, 2013.

Definitions or Terms Used (pdf)
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