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Strategic Plan Details

Strategic Plan Details

Learn about HACC's strategic plan.


How can I get a copy of the strategic plan?

Download the 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan (pdf).


What are the goals of the strategic plan? 

Goal I: Teaching and Learning Excellence
Objective 1: Create a comprehensive plan to maximize enrollment. 
Objective 2: Improve retention rate. 
Objective 3: Improve degree completion utilizing best practices from those colleges involved in the national completion agenda initiative. 
Objective 4: Increase the number of students moving from developmental coursework to degree completion. 
Objective 5: Improve the processes for assessing programs, courses, and student learning. 
Objective 6: Align workforce development offerings with community needs. 
Objective 7: Expand innovative use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

Goal II: Organizational Excellence
Objective 8: Improve collegiality, civility and trust throughout the college.
Objective 9: Continuously improve the organization structure.
Objective 10: Evaluate the College's benefit programs to attract and retain talented employees.
Objective 11: Increase access to and support for professional development and training.

Goal III: Operational Excellence
Objective 12: Improve communication with internal and external stakeholders.
Objective 13: Adopt best practices in higher education for financial planning and management.
Objective 14: Enhance Virtual College operations.
Objective 15: Engage alumni to expand support for HACC.
Objective 16: Engage various campus development teams to work collaboratively to improve resource development.
Objective 17: Identify, implement, support and evaluate innovative use of technologies.
Objective 18: Enhance the College's technology infrastructure.
Objective 19: Strengthen and improve the College's commitment to sustainability.